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Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Training base Bronnitsy

Training Site: Training site at Stadium of Syroyezhkin Sports School

Lionel Messi and his Argentine team members will take the training center in Bronnitsi, which is often used in the home of other national sports organizations in Russia. This 9800 square metre training centre in the town of Bronnitsy, on the banks of the Moskva River and Lake Belskoye 40 km southeast of Moscow, includes a hotel, cafeteria, medical rehabilitation centre, convention room, 3 gyms, game court, swimming pool, 2 Jacuzzis, 3 saunas, riverfront recreational area, football field, and secure parking.


Location: Kazan

Team Hotel:  HC Ak Bars Training Base

Training Site:  Stadium Trudovye Rezervy

Australia will train at Trudovye Rezervy Stadium, a fully FIFA-compliant arena. It Located on Closest airport to Kazan. The- Aq Bars training base consists of a hotel, some offices, residential buildings attending, a live-in school and a multisport complex. The hotel is where the squad get together for their field meets and spend the day before the game. The hotel has a laundry service, massage parlor, the bath complex, gym, convention room and tennis courts. The compound has two parking facilities. Trudeau reserve stadium, a fully FIFA-compliant arena, is right next door to the Aq Bars base


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Moscow Country Club

Training Site: Stadium of sports complex Guchkovo

The Belgium squad has picked Moscow Country Club, an international-class suburban hotel and golf club, located within a 15-minute drive beyond the Moscow Beltway on Volokolamskoye Shosse. The country’s club is covered under 120 hectares of land. Hotel’s 131 rooms and suites excite redwood furnishing pride.

The restaurants on the club’s premises offer recherché dishes and impeccable service. The sports complex covers an area of 5900 square meters, plus three hectares of outdoor courts. Associated with state-of-the-art facilities for complex fitness, entertainment, health, and rehabilitation.


Location: Sochi

Team Hotel:  Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia

Training Site: Yug-Sport Stadium

Brazil has opted for the five-star resort of Swissotel Kamelia for their base and the 10,000-seater stadium of Yug-Sport for their training. The hotel’s park has a great profusion of blooming trees and shrubs, including camellias, which gave the hotel its name. The hotel’s main stairs flow to Sochi’s main street, Kurortny Prospekt, on the other hand, the hotel faces the sea and the beach. Composite amenities include an outdoor hot swimming pool, a gym, six rooms for the cosmetic process and a sauna


Location: Tatarstan Republic

Team Hotel: Ski Resort Kazan

Training Site: Stadium Sviyaga

Colombians decided to stay at the hotel “Soviet” Shooting Ranges complex close to the hotel. “Sviyaga” is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for international sports competitions and training, including comfortable rest areas for athletes, offices for referees and commentators, a VIP area, media center, training and administration wing, and a restaurant.”Kazan” is a downhill ski resort and sports & health complex situated 30 km west of the Tatar capital, close to the nature preserve of the Sviyazhsk National Park, The Volga, the Sviyaga, and the Sulitsa at the scenic confluence of three rivers. The 95-room Hotel Deja Vu, which is part of the “Kazan” complex, offers a range of facilities, including convention rooms, Finnish sauna and Turkish hammam, bowling, karaoke, billiards, swimming pool, and a golf course.

Costa Rica

Location: Saint Petersburg

Team Hotel:  Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum

Training Site: Olimpiyets Stadium

The Costa Rica squad will be staying at the Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum. Sixty-five of its 169 rooms are deluxe and executive suites. St. Petersburg ExpoForum, the world’s largest convention center, within 6 kilometers of the Pulkovo International Airport, and several main suburbs leave a few minutes away from the boundary mark, especially Pushkin’s Catherine Palace and Petrodvorets Palace and Park Complex. Restaurants, bars and convention rooms in the hotel, as well as a spa center, indoor pool, saunas, Turkish hammam, and a 24-hour health center surrounded by the hotel. The Costa Ricans will be training at Olimpiets Stadium in Pavlovsk. The facilities at Olimpiets include a natural-grass football pitch, athlete changing rooms, referee rooms, and gyms.


Location: Leningrad Region

Team Hotel:  Woodland Rhapsody Resort

Training Site: Roschino Arena

Croatia will be based in the historical center of Saint Petersburg. Roschino Arena will be used as their training base, a facility built specifically for the World Cup. The complex offers 74 rooms, several restaurants, and a lounge, which regularly hosts corporate events and conventions. A beautiful view of the lake and forest opens from the outdoor terrace of the lounge. The resort has all the makings of comfortable stay: sports grounds, a sandy beach, 25 meter-long panoramic swimming pool, gym, massage parlor, and rental for outdoor adventure gear.


Location: Anapa

Team Hotel:  Beton Brut

Training Site: Training site at Pontos Stadium

Denmark will be staying at the Beton Brut, a hotel with its own landscaped park and sandy beach. Anapa, 360 kilometers northwest of Sochi, southwest of the Danes Croatia region, went on a popular holiday destination on the Black Sea coast. Anapa, where the Tamin Peninsula is in the Great Caucasus region. The water is shallow from the coast of Anapa, and the summer is well through the hot, average ± 26 during the holiday season.


Location: Grozny

Team Hotel: The Local Hotel

Training Site:  Akhmat-Arena

The Egypt squad opted for a new hotel in Grozny, Chechnya, which is being built in the east of the city especially for the World Cup

Egyptian footballers will be trained at Akhmat Arena stadiums close to the hotel, which will meet local FC Athmat’s home base, all applicable international standards. Russia national team played here once


Location: Saint Petersburg

Team Hotel: For Rest Mix Club Sport Relax

Training Site: Stadium Spartak Zelenogorsk

England will take advantage of a newly created training complex created specifically for the World Cup in St. Petersburg, which will be used as a sports school after the tournament. The suburban club hotel, Forrest Mix Sport & Relax, is located in the resort community of Repino on the coast of the Finnish Gulf, 40 km from downtown Saint Petersburg. The hotel’s unique spa center has a 25-meter swimming pool, a thermal area, 450 square meters of gyms and game courts, and medical facilities.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga

Training Site:  Gleno Vets Stadium

Boasting a tranquil location in the beautiful forested area of Moscow Oblast, the contemporary Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga hotel offers a peaceful oasis in the countryside with easy Moscow city center and Moscow airport and via the New Riga Highway. Other fantastic leisure amenities at this Moscow Region hotel include extensive outdoor areas ideal for sports or recreation, a beach, barbeque grills, fishing pond and swimming pool, and a children’s playground. Hold an event at this hotel in Moscow Oblast with six flexible meeting spaces and a complimentary 24-hour business center. The French footballers will be training at Glebovets Stadium nearby This football stadium is used regularly by the local football club and the local football competition of the  Istrinsky district is held here.


Location: Moscow

Team Hotel:  Vatutinki Hotel

Training Site: CSKA sports Base

Germany has opted for the tranquillity at the state-of-the-art Vatutinki.and have access to two heated pitches at the training facility of CSKA Moscow. A health complex on the bank of the Desna River 16 km southwest of Moscow, where the amusements include an indoor

pool, billiards, darts, tennis, paintball, Finnish sauna and Roman



Location: Gelendzhik

Team Hotel:  Resort Centre Nadezhda

Training Site: Olymp Stadium

Iceland’s home for the group stages will be Gelendzhik, a town on the Black Sea coast. Olimp Stadium, where the Icelanders will train, is on the same street as the hotel. The junior sports school teams and amateur football clubs currently used the Olympic stadium. The arena has seen a remodeling of its spectator stalls, indoor premises and running tracks for the World Cup.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel: Saturn Training Base

Training Site:  Lokomotiv Bakovka Training Center

The Iran squad’s footballers have decided to make the training base of Moscow’s FC Lokomotiv their home away from home. It’s great here at Bakovka. It has everything that the foreign hotels offer, and even more: a sports center, great fields, a canteen. The training camp will feature three friendlies: against the Spartak youth team, the Volga from Tver, and another team that will be named later. The training camp will end on July 9.


Location: Kazan

Team Hotel: FC Rubin Kazan First Team Training Ground

Japan FC Rubin Kazan First Team Training Ground

It is hardly surprising that the Japan national team chose the training base of Kazan’s FC Rubin as its headquarters. The FC Rubin base is located within Kazan city limits, a few kilometers outside the historical center.

The base, in the form of a total of 4666 square meters, includes a hotel complex, a health and rehabilitation center, a restaurant complex and some offices. For the World Cup, local football grounds have been attached to the pitch servicing equipment, a 500-second branch stall, some food shops and a 100-seat media event room.

South Korea

Location: Saint Petersburg

Team Hotel:  Hotel New Peterhof

Training Site: Spartak Stadium

South Korea will train at Spartak Stadium in Lomonosov – an arena which usually hosts Saint Petersburg and Lomonosov District football. New Peterhof Hotel, combines elegant interiors with modern, environmentally-aware design. The hotel has windows overlooking the Upper Park off the main Peterhof Palace, the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and the scenic Olgin Pond.

The Royal view, the hotel massage service center, Finnish sauna, hammam, swimming pool and a spa center with gym are offered.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Training base Novogorsk-Dynamo

Training Site: Training base Novogorsk-Dynamo

Mexico will also have access to two natural grass pitches, as well as an artificial pitch. The Dynamo base is part of a huge sports cluster, where Russian national teams train in many different sports. The Dynamo base, comprised of a hotel and a sports complex, covers an area of 6 hectares. The state-of-the-art medical center on the premises provides accurate health examinations, the findings of which are then used to prescribe personalized training plans for footballers. Other benefits on base basis include a gym, convention room, meeting room, several billiard lounges, and libraries. There is an underground garage for 50.


Location: Voronezh

Team Hotel:  Voronezh Marriott Hotel

Training Site:  Stadium Chaika

The Moroccan team decided that they would stay in the city of Bhoranjoz, the Russian Navy’s pedal. The Voronezh Marriott Hotel is located in the city center close to main attractions, business establishments and cultural sights – Blagoveshchensky Cathedral, Admiralteyskaya Embankment, Ivan Bunin Museum, Voronezh State Art Museum, and Museum Arsenal. Free WiFi is available throughout the property. The Marriott Grand Hotel has a 24-hour fitness center. Chaika Stadium, where the Moroccans will be training, is also in the center of town. Junior football teams usually play at this stadium.


Location: Essentuki

Team Hotel:  Sanatorium Istochnik

Training Site: Essentuki Arena

The Nigerians will travel a few kilometers to the town of Lermontov for their training. The local stadium, Beshtau, is ordinarily used by the Lermontov children’s sports school, which teaches 15 sports. There are an outdoor swimming pool and a few tennis courts next to the stadium. Located in Essentuki, Sanatoriy Istochnik consists of 2 buildings and offers a variety of treatments, including movement therapy, physiotherapeutic, mineral water and mid treatments with balance-mood. It also includes carboxytherapy, ozone therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy and cryotherapy. The resort provides diagnostic examinations and group exercises. SPA center and mineral water spring are featured at the property.


Location: Saransk

Team Hotel:  Olympic Sports Centre

Training Site: Olympic Sports Centre

Panama chose to stay in Saransk as their third and final game at the group stage held in Mardivia Arena. The Olympic Training Centre, designed according to the “all-in-one” philosophy, was built in 1995, primarily for track and field athletes. It is situated at Ulitsa Pobedy in the west of Saransk. Ulitsa Pobedy leads directly to the center of town. This training center has raised a whole generation of world-class prizewinning athletes, including some Olympic champions. The Olympic training center includes swimming pools, gyms, spam complexes, running tracks and the latest but not least, a football pitch.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Sheraton Moscow Sheremetyevo

Training Site:  Arena Khimki

The Peru national team will stay next door to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and train at the Khimki. For Russia, the 17-thousand Arena Khimki is as state-of-the-art as it gets. Opened in 2008, the stadium has hosted games of the Russian Championship, Champions’ League, and European League. Fame was praised as the best sports facility in the Moscow region in 2011.


Location: Sochi

Team Hotel: Hyatt Regency Sochi

Training Site: Sputnik-Sport Stadium

Poland decided to stay near the Fan Zone of Sochi World Cup and train to the nearby Sputnik Stadium. The stadium complex occupies an area of 5.4 hectares in the valley of the Matsesta River in the Hosta District of Sochi. In 2005, Sputnik was the largest football stadium in South America, built to international standards.



Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel: Saturn Training Base

Training Site:  Saturn Training Base


It’s a multifunctional sports object. Its territory is 11 hectares. 3 buildings located there: sleeping, dining room, sports with a medical department. There are 3 pitches located there: 1 Natural grass-plot and 2 are an artificial one. Athletics is the size of 38Х19 m2. There is an instructor, a swimming pool with 3 lines and a vibrotherapeutics department, sauna. But this base is very nice. Pool sleeping section with winter garden and fountain is big. And there are ponds, where the players can catch fish, it is six meters deep.


Location: Moscow

Team Hotel: Federal Sports Center Novogorsk

Training  Site: Federal Sports Center Novogorsk

Naturally, Russia will take the capital and use the state-of-the-art Federal Sports Center to prepare for games.

Main Sports: freestyle, basketball, volleyball, handball, rhythmic gymnastics (individual and group exercises), archery, shooting, fencing, football, hockey, figure skating, luge, short track, curling, freestyle wrestling, trampolining, mini football, rugby


Description: 3 universal multi-sport sports center, gymnastic simulator mirrored, 2 football fields covered with lone, a dense field with an artificial land, a snow sky with sound equipment, rock range with electronic equipment, a swimming pool, theoretical 4 classrooms for class and video preview drills and games

Saudi Arabia

Location: Saint Petersburg

Team Hotel: Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

Training  Site: Training Base FC Zenit

The Saudi Arabia team has been selected to be in Europe in the Belmond Grand Hotel, The Grand Hotel Europe, which has recently been identified as the oldest luxury hotel in St. Petersburg, is very protected by the state-of-the-art architecturally landed Mikhailovskaya Ulitsa, on the anniversary of the anniversary. The main street of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, is only Yard away.

This accommodation has in St. Petersburg’s FC Zenit in Udelny Park base hiking park, Zenit’s training ground takes 20 minutes to drive by car to Downtown St. Petersburg in beautiful Udelny Park Established in 1832, Udelny Park is an example of architectural architecture in the cultural heritage list of St. Petersburg.

The training ground includes underground heating, a medical center, a residential complex, and two training parks with a kitchen and canteen.

The first team of the Zenit’s organizes 200 training sessions a year on the training grounds of the Udelny Park.


Location: Kaluga

Team Hotel: SK Royal Hotel Kaluga

Training Site: Training site Sputnik

For its World Cup headquarters, the Senegal squad has picked an exotic architectural landmark on the right bank of the Oka, a 10-minute drive from the center of one of Russia’s oldest towns, Kaluga, situated 160 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It is easy to get to Kaluga from Moscow by express train. An international airport opened in Kaluga in 2015. The restaurant on the ground floor offers the seat for 3000. Guests are invited to sit outside the verandah When the weather is warm, which is named “Kvan,” where an exciting scene opens in the Woka flood lands. Also at the service of the guests is a spa and fitness center with a gym, sauna, hammam and swimming pool.


Location: Kaliningrad Region, Svetlogorsk

Team Hotel:  Royal Falke Resort & Spa

Training Site: Training site Baltiya

Serbia has opted for the tranquillity of Svetlogorsk. The hotel’s most salient feature is it swimming pool with an adjacent winter garden. An upscale neighborhood of private villas, within an easy walking distance of the sandy Baltic beach in front of Baltiya Stadium.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Krasnodar

Training Site:  FC Krasnodar Academy

The Spain squad has reserved the base of FC Krasnodar Krasnodar has much hope for his continuous improvement academy, which serves as a temporary headquarters for the 2010 World Cup winners.

There are two internal pitch with artificial grass for training for academic conditions, twelve standard pitch with natural grass, and other three outdoor pitch with synthetic cover. The academy’s roof consists of three thousand seat stadiums, including stalls, where the FC Krasnodar junior squad usually receives the audience team.


Location: Gelendzhik

Team Hotel:  Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik

Training Site: Spartak Stadium

Sweden will stay in the south of the country in Gelendzhik. Following the example of their Icelandic peers, the Swedes have opted for a sunny southern location for their base, Gelendzhik Grand Hotel Kempinski is a premium resort hotel, Black Sea Falls. The hotel has 379 rooms and suites with roomy balconies and views of the mountains, and the scenic Gelendzhik Harbour. At the 3000 square-meter spa center, guests are offered two outdoor swimming pools and one indoor pool and a gym.


Location: Togliatti

Team Hotel:  Togliatti Resort

Training Site: Torpedo Stadium

Switzerland will stay in the health resort of Togliatti. The Togliatti Resort Hotel is equipped with a gym, saunas, large swimming pool, and Jacuzzi. The Swiss footballers will train at the 16-thousand Torpedo Stadium 1.5 km from the base.


Location: Moscow Region

Team Hotel:  Imperial Park Hotel & Spa

Training Site: Stadium Stroitel

Tunisia will train in the Stroitel sports complex. Stroitel sports complex in the village of Selyatino, located in the middle of a woodland park a few kilometers from the hotel, is where the African footballers will train for their matches. The football stadium, complex a swimming pool, few gyms, a sauna, tennis court, massage parlors, indoor court, and more includes this stadium. The sports complex has hosted varying competition formats, including World Youth Game


Location: Nizhny Novgorod

Team Hotel: Sports Center Borsky

Training Site:  Sports Center Borsky

Uruguay already has its home for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. After the tour that was part of the coaching staff, they stayed with Sports Center Borsky in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. It is a concentration hotel that will be premiered by the Uruguayan team and will be closed for Celeste. This complex has 70 rooms, of which 55 individual will be occupied by the delegation. It has two playing fields within the same place, plus all the amenities needed by a team that is prepared to go for everything. Uruguay will be installed on June 10 at the Borsky Sports Center and will travel the day before to each of the cities where they play.

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