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You Don’t Need Russian Visa To See The World Cup. But How? Then Must Read it.

Good news for those who are thinking of enjoying the World Cup in Russia who are sitting in the gallery. The cost of football fans in Russia will be reduced to some extent. Footballers will not have to cut tickets on trains in 11 cities where the World Cup matches will be held. During the World Cup, fans from the 11 cities will be able to travel freely by train. But the big surprise is that, when buying tickets for football matches online, you can enter the country without a visa. In July this year, free train travel was going on in the Confederations Cup that ended in Russia. Russia’s move to be acclaimed by all the world’s footprints was appreciated. From the experience of the Confederations Cup, the Russian government decided to start a free train tour of the World Cup.
For free trips on the train, fans must buy tickets from the online match. A fan ID will be given to him during the purchase of the ticket. With that fan ID, you can get free access to Russia and free train travel.
The World Cup will be screened on 14 June 2018. It will run until July 15. After the World Cup draw in Kremlin this year, fans can apply online for the ticket.

Ticket price:

You will be surprised if you hear the World Cup ticket price! Tickets have already started selling. Almost most of the tickets were sold. Tickets can be easily collected from the FIFA official website but you want to know the ticket price? Russia Football World Cup organizing committee is currently selling tickets in three categories.

Category 1 is the most expensive ticket; Then the category will be sold at a lower price than the ticket will be sold in this range. And Category 3 is the lowest ticket price range. Category level 3 or lower group fee of $ 105, $ 175 for quarter-finals and $ 455 for final And Category 3 at the group stage is 550 dollars and the final ticket price is 1100 dollars in this category.

There is a small discount on the ticket price for Russian residents. For them, group stage price is $ 22, and Fuel’s ticket price is 7040 rubles in Russian currency. Tickets for sale in three stages have been started from September 14 to November 15. The second phase is going on from 5 December to 31 January. The third step will be from March 13 to April 3. FIFA’s latest offering for the purchase of tickets is April 18, July 15 and the final day. Apart from the tickets for admission to the stadium, there are some official documents as fan IDs. The organizing committee decided this.

Russia’s World Cup ticket Instructions:

Instructions will be given on each ticket so that visitors can easily get their seats. For example, how many numbers are in his seat, how many rows are there in this row. There will be a list of tickets behind the tickets, which are forbidden to enter the stadium. Visitors can enter the stadium if there is a valid ticket and Fan ID.

For those who see tickets playing in stadiums, there is three big good news. To watch the game of World Cup going to other countries, the Russian government has allowed them to go to the country without their visa. In a word, the ticket to Russia, which is his visa.
However, additional work will be done for the viewers of the purchase of tickets. They must have a ‘fan ID card’. If you have a fan ID as well as ticket, Russia will be allowed to go without a visa.

What is fan ID:

A FAN ID is a document that will allow all viewers of 2018 FIFA World Cup to access stadiums & free visit in Russia by train.

How does it work?
• Buy a ticket for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™
• Register on the website and receive a confirmation
• You can get a FAN ID by mail or at one of our FAN ID Distribution centers
• Use your FAN ID for free travel
• Take your FAN ID with you to the stadium and enjoy the match
• Fan ID card holders can travel to the city of Venus without the ticket. Even on the match day, you can get access to public services in the city.

12 Venues Of Russia World Cup:

Russia has taken place in the World Cup with 32 pairs of qualifying and playoffs. The group stage draw has already been held. There is very little time in hand. So the preparatory work has started preparing the state Russia The 12 stadiums that will be held in the World Cup in Russia-

1. Luzhniki Stadium
2. Saint Petersburg Stadium
3. Fisht Olympic Stadium
4. Yekaterinburg Arena
5. Kazan Arena Stadium
6. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
7. Rostov Arena Stadium
8.Samara Arena
9.Mordovia Arena
10. Otkritie Arena
11.Spartak Stadium
12.Kaliningrad Stadium

The funny thing is that Fan ID card holders can travel to the city of Venus without the visa. Even on the match day, you can get access to public services in the city. So grave the ticket and travel Russia without a visa.

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